New hope for girls and boys – a poem

As parents, we have many hopes for our children. And children are now our best hope for achieving gender equity. When I look into my newborn’s eyes, I hope that:   

In the near future

Girls are respected 

Boys are allowed to cry

Girls will be fighters

Boys can be carers

For both yes means yes and no means no

Girls and boys will fight the climate crisis together

Wars will be eliminated

There will be enough food for all of them, always

Girls will earn the same as boys

Boys will earn the same as girls

Girls will pursue a soccer career equal to

Boys who will pursue a soccer career 

They will walk hand in hand to make life better on this planet, for boys and girls. 

WEF report says that it will take 132 years to close the global gender pay gap. Our generation’s best bet to achieve gender equality is now hoping that the next generation has the courage, determination and wisdom to do the right thing, faster.

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